International Student Organization


International Student Organization

Welcome Party

Open to all students, the ISO Welcome Party offers free food, music, and a chance to socialize with new students; it is held in the beginning of the fall semester.

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Day Trips

Throughout the year, ISO plans day trips to various southeast Louisiana attractions. In the past, trips include French Quarter, Museum of Art, and plantation houses.


World Cup Soccer Tournament

This event, held in October, recruits teams from all over campus and the community to participate in coed soccer matches. It is a day filled with fun and competition. World Cup serves as a fundraiser to support International Night.

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International Education Week

Held in November, ISO cooperates in activities to bring awareness of options in international education.

This year in fall of 2010, ISO is planning for fun games such as International scavanger hunt with attractive prizes during the International Education week. So be sure to Come over to Iso's table.


International Night

International Night is one of the biggest student-organized events on-campus with 800 spectators, models, volunteers, and performers in attendance. Cultural exhibitions, diverse foods, colorful performances, choreographed dances, and lively fashion show are all to be expected at this multicultural event that highlights the unique diversity of the University of New Orleans.

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