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All pictures are provided by Sanjeev Dahal



ISO World cup 2010 was held on October 17, 2010 at the East campus of UNO. There were eight teams from all over the world with players ranging from Germany, Austria, Nigeria, Ethiopia , Nepal , Taiwan, India, Vietnam , China, Honduras, Ecuador , USA and more. Playing for the ultimate goal of winning the gold medal, the teams had a fierce competition scoring a lot of goals.

The first game of the day was between UNO Ambassadors and team Wolfpack. The European team , Team WolfPack, consisting of players from Germany and Austria (and one from Brazil) slaughtered the untrained, but enthusiastic UNO Ambassadors scoring 15 goals. Nevertheless, the UNO Ambassadors proved that they can be the “best and the brightest” as they scored one consolation goal in their first competitive soccer tournament, when the Wolfpack’s goal keeper was caught napping out of his line.

All the matches were refereed by soccer enthusiast Rabin Haiju. Mr. Haiju was all over the field, enforcing the rules of “the beautiful game”. He made sure all fouls were penalized. Except for a few intense moments in the first round match between The Himalayan Tigers and  Del Fructas, the whole tournament went smoothly. The tournament depicted a touch of fair play as there were very few bookings. Rabin handed just one Red Card (to Bibek Wagle of the Himalayan Tiger for deliberate handball) in the entire Tournament.

Team Hondusaquador, with majority of the players from Latin America, emerged victorious in the tournament. They defeated Team WolfPack in the Final with the score line of 3-1. Hondusaquador was leading 1-0 in the Final. However, the game took a dramatic turn in the late Second Half, when the referee pointed to the penalty spot after a Hondusaquador defender brought down team Wolfpack striker with a two footed tackle. Team Wolfpack capitulated in the opportunity as they equalized. But, Hondusaquador were quick and replied with two more goals and won the game 3-1. Team Wolfpack were great in midfield but Hondusaquador was too organized in defense and did not give any space for Wolfpack attack. The winning Team made their way to the Final by defeating the defending champions Del Fructas in the Semi final.

Congratulations Hondusaquador!!!
-Rasil, ISO